The January 6 Insurrection in the Eyes of the International Community

Kate Van Dusen

A note to the reader:

The aim of this compilation of international news headlines from January of 2021 is to provide a glimpse into how the US Capitol insurrection was viewed by nations around the world, and the impact that those events had on America’s overall global reputation. I purposefully did not add my own comments about these headlines, as to create a more objective portrayal and let the words of these global news publications speak for themselves.

The Nigerian Tribune

“Trump supporters defile US democracy, overrun congress”


The West Australian: 

“Biden’s win now official as chaos incited by Don leaves four dead”


Le Monde: 

“Trump provokes chaos in Washington”


The Guardian, UK:

“Chaos as pro-Trump mob storms US Capitol; Rioters break down barriers and surge into capitol building; President belatedly calls for peace but hails ‘special’ supporters; at least one person shot by officers during bid to regain control”


De Telegraaf (the Netherlands’ largest newspaper):

“Capitol stormed during ratification of Biden’s victory; Trump plunges US into chaos”


El Pais (Spain’s largest newspaper):

“Assault on US capitol; Trump instigates a revolt against Biden’s confirmation”


China Daily Global, 01/11/2021:

“Cure needed for dysfunctional US politics; The United States’ democracy had a heart attack on Wednesday.”

Tehran Times (Iran):

“Rouhani [President]: ‘U.S. clashes exposed weakness of Western democracy’”

“Zarif [Foreign Minister]: ‘Trump’s unchecked authority to start a nuclear war was a security concern for the entire world… A rogue president who sought vengeance against his OWN people has been doing much worse to our people—and others—in the past 4 years’”

Dainik Jagran (India’s largest newspaper):

“Unwanted US President: Trump not only brought down his reputation, but also damaged the image of America in the world; The manner in which the actions of the US Parliament fell victim to the anarchy of Trump supporters at the time of approval of the presidential election results, not only did America’s world suffer, it also undermined its claim that it was the strongest democracy.”

TASS Russian News Agency:

“Trump focuses on ensuring smooth, orderly transition of power; Incumbent US President also condemned the riots in Washington, DC”

El Universal (largest newspaper in Venezuela): 

“Assault on US capitol leaves four dead”

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