Kisara Moore


Welcome to the Dip! I’m a junior from Austin, Texas majoring in the School of Public and International Affairs with a Certificate in East Asian Studies. Outside of the Dip, I’m involved in PICASSO, the Princeton U.S.-China Coalition, and Princeton Global Youth Leaders. In my free time, I enjoy making art and (miserably failing at) teaching myself how to bake. Hit me up if you want to learn more about the Dip or have any questions about Bridge Year (China in particular :D)!

Joe Becker

Creative Director and Deputy Editor

I’m a member of the Class of 2023, hoping to major in Economics. While I’m originally from the suburbs of New York City, I’ve also lived for extended periods of time in Costa Rica and India. At the Dip, as well as serving as an editor and creative director, I conduct interviews, and write pieces on issues I feel are not covered adequately by the media. In addition to the Dip, on campus I’m president of the Princeton UWC Club and a member of Princeton Club Archery.

Quang Trinh

Treasurer and Deputy Editor

I am a sophomore from Hanoi, Vietnam. I look to major in a social science (though still undecided) with a passion for history. Currently, I am interested in international organizations, especially those close to my home such as the ASEAN and the CPTPP. In my free time, I would most likely searching for lo-fi on Soundcloud or finding new boardgames to nag my friends into playing. 

Kanishkh Kanodia

Deputy Editor

I am a freshman from India, planning to major at the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs with a certificate in South Asian studies. I am deeply interested in the world of politics and diplomacy, especially that of South Asia. I am a huge history-buff as well. I love to read books and articles on about out geopolitical world, but more so about the history and politics of India. At Princeton, I also write for the Daily Princetonian, act for the South Asian Theatrics and am a research associate in Policy Punchline.

Tim Sadov

Deputy Editor

I’m a sophomore concentrating in the School of Public and International Affairs. In addition to writing for the Diplomat, I’m a director of the Princeton Model United Nations International Criminal Court simulation and an intern at the US Department of Veterans Affairs. I have research experience in international human rights, security, and environmental policy. Recently, my writing has been focused on security policy in the Middle East and South America – so stay tuned for exciting content about these topics!

Jia Yu

Deputy Editor

Hello! My name is Jia Yu. I emigrated from Guangxi, China when I was four years old and my family currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts. I wish to major in Economics with duo-certificates in Spanish and Finance. Joining the Princeton Diplomat publication, I am eager to compose articles on China and Spain, exploring the complex cultural and societal themes of both nations. At Princeton, I am also part of Business Today publication, Princeton University US-China Coalition, Effective Altruism Investment, 180 Degrees Consulting, and Princeton Club Archery. During my free time, I like to visit art museums and go grocery shopping.


Kezia Dickson

Staff Writer

I am Kezia Dickson. I am majoring in the School of Public and International Affairs. I am particularly interested in issues surrounding environmental racism, education inequality, and the economic development of developing countries. I enjoy bringing light to policy issues that are often overlooked by the media today. On campus, I serve as VP Finance of Africa Summit at Princeton, and I also serve on the Committee on Governance. I also enjoy fashion styling and traveling on my free time.

Stanley Shapiro

Staff Writer

Hi everyone! My name is Stanley and I am from Chicago, Illinois. I am a freshman at Princeton planning on concentrating in the school of Public and International Affairs. My interests lie in U.S. foreign policy and its intersection with disruptive technologies. Outside of the Diplomat, I am a member of the Model UN team. In my free time, I love playing soccer, watching movies, and learning fun facts about different parts of the world!

Laura Robertson

Staff Writer

Hey readers! I’m a pre-med (major undecided) from Owego, New York, a small town on the NY-PA border. Policy-wise I’m particularly interested in agriculture and transportation, especially in rural areas. I’m fascinated by people, the way they think and the things that shape them, which carries over into a deep love of writing and theatre. I also sing opera! I love fashion and the outdoors, and am almost exclusively found either barefoot or in three inch heels. My go-to fun fact is that I spent 11 months as an exchange student in northern Thailand– either that or the prevalence of Drive Your Tractor to School Day in my home county.

Hadley Kim

Staff Writer

Hi, I’m Hadley, a freshman from Incheon, South Korea looking to major in East Asian Studies. I am particularly interested in the intersection of history and foreign policy, and how the past can assist us in understanding international relations, especially those of East Asia. At Princeton, I am also a part of the Princeton Debate Panel, a reporter for the Daily Princetonian, and a research associate at Policy Punchline.

Sam Harshbarger

Staff Writer

I’m a freshman (major still TBD) interested in Russia, Turkey, and Eurasia.

Editors Emeriti

Mohammed Elzubeir

Deputy Editor Emeritus

I believe that a phrase that could truly sum up my life experience thus far is “Citizen of Africa, scholar of the world”. I think of myself as a citizen of Africa because I have a deep connection to three countries on the continent. I am of Sudanese origin, was born in Botswana, and spent the majority of my life growing up in Johannesburg, South Africa. I am fluent in English, Arabic, and Afrikaans. At Princeton, I am a prospective Economics Major considering a multitude of certificates. I enjoy traveling to new places, playing FIFA, and running.

Benjamin Gelman

Editor in Chief Emeritus

Hi, my name is Ben and I’m a junior from Houston concentrating in Politics. Some of my main interests are Middle East diplomacy and history, technology policy, and political theory, and I also enjoy writing for Princeton’s satire magazine, the Princeton Tiger.

Aparna Shankar

Editor in Chief Emerita

Hi hi, and welcome to the Dip! I’m Aparna, a junior born and raised in (way too) sunny New Delhi, India, majoring in the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs and pursuing a certificate in French language and culture. I’m fascinated by development policy and education, especially in conflict regions, and also by food journalism and fashion—although the latter definitely have less serious consequences. On campus, I give Orange Key tours, serve as a SHARE peer, and most importantly, always have chocolate that I’m happy to share, so feel free to say hi and chat about our work!

Regina Lankenau

Design Editor Emerita

Hello hello! My name’s Regina, I was born in Monterrey, Mexico but I grew up kind of all over—from Vienna, to Warsaw, to Laredo, to Houston, to Mexico City, and now, Princeton. I’m a School of Public and International Affairs major in theory, a Journalism major in practice. I’m currently passionate about the intersection of Latin American affairs, human security, free speech, and all things design. In my free time, I like planning trips and rock climbing/skiing/sailing expeditions I probably won’t go on, watching an inordinate amount of Bon Appetit videos, and raving about the underrated wonders of Pinterest.